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Thursday, 16 October 2014

So, What’s Next for The Original TiT?

What can I say? The response I’ve had to these “guest blog” posts has been absolutely amazing – you guys are fantastic!! But I’ve actually really enjoyed doing them! In fact, it’s kind of taken over my life a little bit?! (I may need to take a couple of days off to spend some time with my boyfriend, think he’s feeling a little neglected!) It’s taken me right back to my time at University – cramming to finish those 5000 word essays before a deadline (it’s a good stress – honest!). Part of me doesn’t want it to end? But I can’t hog the Trekkie Girls limelight forever.

So, what IS next for The Original TiT?!

Perhaps it’s time for me to take command of my own starship? Start my own blog…

SCARY!! What will I talk about? What if nobody comes to pay me a visit? Guess I’ll just be talking to myself? No change there then!?
One thing is certain, and that is that I’m committed to continue on with my training, in the hopes that one day I can be a Trekkie with Advanced Training (T.W.A.T.).
As my Twitter followers will already know, I have set myself the goal of having watched all 704 episodes of Star Trek, and 12 films by the 50th anniversary in 2016 (NOT including TAS – there has been rather a lot of debate on this one, but this was the number we decided to settle upon eventually). After much thought and Twitter discussion, I’ve decided to watch in the following order (which I know might be controversial, but I think is going to work best for me personally?): -

       1)     TNG
       2)     Voyager
       3)     DS9
       4)     Enterprise
       5)     TOS

…and then the films where appropriate. I’ve been encouraged by those pesky Trekkie Girls to live-tweet as I watch? Apparently my continual babble of nonsense seems to have gone down quite well?! This may evolve in to Podcasts and/or YouTube videos if there’s any interest, although I hate the sound of my own voice, so this would probably take some coercion (or several large G&Ts?!).

I warn you, in case you haven’t already sussed it – I’m a bit of a kook. I’m a qualified Dispensing Optician (boring!!), a Psychology graduate (yes, I am psycho-analysing you as you read this!) and have an annoying habit of being able to link anything in life to “that episode of Friends, where…” (just ask Sam!). But ultimately, my aim is to refresh your memories of when you first watched Star Trek, to help you see it “through fresh eyes” as Larry Nemecek would say (thanks hun!). I’m hoping that my lack of knowledge about all things Trek will be endearing, and I’m looking to you all for guidance!

So, why not come and join me, experience Star Trek for the first time again? Hold my hand, for what I’m sure is going to be the ride of my life!
Follow me on Twitter @TheOriginalTiT and keep your eyes and ears peeled for the official TheOriginalTiT blog, coming soon to a screen near you… (once Sam’s shown me what to do?!)
Before I finally leave you all in peace for a bit, I must say a few thank you’s so please bear with me! (Feel free to skip this bit, but it has to be done!!)
  • Everyone at for letting me be a part of the awesomeness that was DST3, especially @JonathanChew, Suzy, Valdie and Alex.
  • Karen Ward and her amazing team, for painstakingly painting Carole and I green at 7.30 in the morning!
  • The wonderful @larrynemecek and @jhoffman for putting up with us, and being such gracious company. DST3 wouldn’t have been the same without you!
  • (Another) HUGE kiss to Neil Green – without you, I would never have personally Skyped Leonard Nimoy!!
  • The lovely Simon, Jamie and Phil (@TEngagePodcast) for being so welcoming and friendly, and for dancing with us Trekkie Girls at the Risa party!
  • Alan – my own personal Star Trek encyclopaedia!!! The guy on the right in this picture…

I want to see Trekkie Girl Sam and Alan in a Trek-off – I honestly don’t know who I’d put my money on!? If you’re reading this Alan, or if anyone knows Alan, please get in touch – it would be great to hear from you!!!
  • @mclark1701, @RoslynS, and the guys @VisionaryTrek, and also @startrekrisa for treating me like I belonged at DST3, not like the newbie that I am (was?).
  • @Janeway931 – your story is a true inspiration, thank you for sharing it with me!
  • @1701rebuild for approaching us and letting us know about the awesome project you’re working on! If there’s anything we can do to help, just say the word…
  • @SpockVegas for providing the most surreal moment of DST3 (see Tuesday’s blog post) – so sorry we didn’t get our picture taken with you when we were painted green!!
  • To all my amazing Twitter followers, but especially @Captain_Revo, @TrekGirlsRule, @Clechleitner42, @JaffaStar, @trickster34, @trekkerdean @TheeeRealBigDan, @Benfield13, @ben_crook, @therealrobcook, @JamieBGall, @ funkylaura1701 (the Tribble!!!), @JohnnyVCaffine, @vela550, @Drogyn1701, @marcstamper, @TrekkieJayne and @TheOnionMaid, for being my biggest champions and actively encouraging me to keep on going with this madness!!
  • A special shout-out to @CNNbelle for her reply to my Tweet mentioning Gates McFadden – set my Twitter on FIRE!!!
Last, but certainly by no means least, I have to thank my gorgeous Trekkie Girls, Sam and Carole, without whom none of this would ever have happened! Thank you SO much girls for making me a part of your world, despite my initial reluctance! I have had the most amazing time and am excited for things to come, whatever they may be. Love you guys!!!

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m so sorry, please don’t take it personally?! It’s just the past two weeks have been a bit of a blur really, it’s all a bit overwhelming – please forgive me for being a dufus?! Thank you to everyone that has read/replied/retweeted/favourited my tweets/blogs - I love you all!!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My First Star Trek Convention: What Am I Taking Away From DST3?

Star Trek is a drug and I’m hooked. That is all.

JUST KIDDING!!! Like you could shut me up there?!

But seriously, as a complete convention newbie, as I said before, I had no idea what to expect from DST3. Trekkie Girls Sam and Carole, had always seemed to have a lot of fun, but I felt that perhaps you had to be a “hardcore Trekkie” to reap the full benefit from one of these things? Also, I guess I feared that my lack of Trek knowledge would make me stick out like a sore thumb?! Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I think Bruce Greenwood summed it up perfectly. It was his first convention too, and at the opening ceremony, as he spoke to Jonathan Ross, he seemed honestly taken aback by how much the show meant to the fans and was surprised at how much it had touched some of their lives. He was sincerely moved, and quite emotional about it.

Trekkie’s are without doubt the nicest people I have ever met! Both the fans and the actors (who all seem to be fans themselves?!) are warm, friendly, welcoming and an absolute ton of fun. The actors seem genuinely to be friends, honestly pleased to see each other? I can just imagine them all backstage catching up on each other’s gossip! It seems to me, that once you are part of the Star Trek family, you’re a member for life?

Kim Cattrall for instance, only ever talks with great fondness of her appearance in Star Trek. Denise Crosby, to me, was only really ever in the one season of TNG (yes, I know she starred as her own daughter, or something like that later!). But she was included in the TNG reunion, just like everybody else, as if she’d been there throughout. She really does seem to be one of the fan’s favourites, despite her relatively short time on the show? Even Jeri Ryan – I never knew she had had such a hard time whilst filming Voyager – still turns out for the conventions and embraces the fans with such love and appreciation.

Without doubt, the best thing about DST3 was getting to know you guys – the fans! I have met some incredible and truly inspirational people, many of whom I hope to stay in contact with. I started my own Twitter account just over two weeks ago, and since then I have gained over 140 followers and tweeted over 800 times!! Everyone has been SO nice to me, despite my relative naivety in the Star Trek world. And for that I thank, each and every one of you – you have totally made my day/week/month/year!

Here's to you!
Unsurprisingly, I learnt an awful lot about Star Trek at DST3. About the comings and goings of the actors, both on and off set. (As a total celeb-gossip fan I was in my element!!) I got to experience some amazing, once in a lifetime, things: Skyping with Leonard Nimoy; meeting (even briefly) Karl Urban; William Shatner’s whale noises…

However, frivolity aside, and not wanting to get too mushy on you, I was genuinely moved at DST3, and that is something I really wasn’t expecting.

Listening Nichelle Nichols on stage, at 81 years of age – what a truly inspirational and breathtaking woman. At times when she spoke, I was literally moved to tears. She is totally and utterly captivating.

To listen to her talk about the legendary Gene Roddenberry: how he “saw the actor, and then created the character”; his vision of the future, makes you appreciate that Star Trek is bigger than any one person; bigger than any television network. As it approaches its 50th anniversary, it’s hard to comprehend the magnitude of his creation. It is not to be taken lightly, or mocked, but to be truly aspired to. His thinking was way before it’s time.

Listening to Nichelle, you realise that Star Trek isn’t just some TV show – it wouldn’t have survived as long as it has if that were so. This “TV show” has literally changed the course of modern history. I didn’t understand, or appreciate its significance until that day. Casting Nichelle as a female, black, lead character in the 60’s and filming the first televised inter-racial kiss, was truly ground-breaking, both for the feminist movement and the advance of racial equality. The impact of this can actually be charted throughout the next half a century. Nichelle volunteered with NASA and ‘Women in Motion’ on a special project to recruit minority and female personnel for the space agency. The project was responsible for recruiting Dr. Sally Ride, the first American female astronaut, and Colonel Guion Bluford, the first African-American astronaut. This would not have been possible if Gene Roddenberry hadn’t cast her as Uhura. WOW! #mindblown

Nichelle said that at one point she wanted to quit Star Trek, but that Martin Luther King had told her she couldn’t. At that point she couldn’t understood why, the gravity of what her being there really meant – it was bigger than her, bigger than Gene. Even bigger than William Shatner!!

It has inspired me to go out and buy “Beyond Uhura – Star Trek and Other Memories” – Nichelle’s autobiography, because I just want/need to know more about these awe inspiring people.

For all the great TV shows out there now (and trust me, I watch a lot of TV – ask Trekkie Girl Sam), I genuinely doubt that any will ever have the impact that Star Trek has. It is one of a kind – Gene broke the mould when he made Star Trek. And they broke the mould when they made Gene!

Tomorrow… What’s next for The Original TiT?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My First Star Trek Convention: Day Three of DST3

So, beating the previous night, Carole and I were up at 8 o’clock Sunday morning, having managed a mere 3 hours sleep! (Again, Trekkie Girl Teressa had partied a little too hard – think we should throw her in the brig personally?!). Having packed up our cases and checked out of the hotel, we staggered over to the ExCel just in time to catch Karl Urban’s second talk (yes, I attended both his talks!). Despite my rather delicate state, I managed to raise my hand to ask a question that had been bothering me since the previous day – what had Daniel Stewart done to Karl Urban exactly, at the beginning of the convention, to make him think that a restraining order would have been taken out on him? I thought this was a good question, but whatever it was must have been really bad, because Karl denied all knowledge! I think he knew, but just didn’t want to talk about it? Which begs the question…

What DID you do Daniel Stewart?!

(Answers on a postcard please…)

After a possibly ill-advised bacon and brie toasted Panini and a cup of tea, it was time for my first solo mission – I had to cover Jeri Ryan, whilst Carole headed to the conflicting Bruce Greenwood’s Q&A. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her! She. Is. Stunning. And the tight leather trousers she was wearing? Well, say no more… However, I digress! She seems like a genuinely nice person, amazingly down-to-earth and very honest with her answers to audience. LOVED her!!! (Again, I will write a whole other blog post covering what I learnt in the Q&A sessions – so watch this space!) It seems that Trekkie Girl Sam was pleased with her TiT’s performance at DST3 because she then surprised me with a Karl Urban photo voucher…

O.M.G. I nearly died with excitement!! That right there is a hangover cure if ever I’ve found one – headache instantly gone and sick feeling in the pit of my stomach replaced with a thousand twinkly butterflies! We’d been so busy over the course of the weekend, and because I hadn’t really known what to expect, I hadn’t really thought about having pictures taken with, or getting autographs of the various actors in attendance.

The moment itself is a bit of blur – he was absolutely drop dead gorgeous of course, and I felt I should have apologised for the earlier “Daniel Stewart” question. But sadly there was no time, as soon as the photographers camera had clicked, I was ushered off and the next starry-eyed fan (Trekkie Girl Carole, actually!) was set in my place. (Although I did manage to show him the screen-saver on my phone – a picture of Detective John Kennex, from Almost Human!!!)

It’s funny – he has exactly the same pose and facial expression in both pictures, like he’s a cardboard cut-out, but trust me, he was 100% real, and tangible, and had his hand around me waist *swoon*!!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, what happened next is truly one of those “pinch me I’m dreaming” moments: the Leonard Nimoy Skype. So privileged to have been among so few that got to attend – the atmosphere was electric. If I’d learnt anything at the convention – it was not to be afraid to put your hand up – so I did. I thought I’d been missed as the lady in the row in front of me got picked, but the fabulous Neil Green saw me and asked the organiser to hand me the mic next!!! O.M.G. I was going to talk to Leonard Nimoy, the actual Leonard Nimoy, live, over Skype – this couldn’t be happening?! But it did!

I told him I was a huge fan of the TV show Fringe and asked him if it was nice for him to step away from Star Trek, just for a little while, and immerse himself in another character? The answer was a resounding YES! He loved the show and thought it was a brilliant concept. He thoroughly enjoyed his time working on it and with the other actors, especially the wonderful "Little John" (John Noble), as well as the incredibly talented producers/directors. I think he appreciated my non-Trek question!?

Apologies to Neil’s wife, because when it was all over I ran and launched myself at him, planting a big kiss on his cheek – if he hadn’t of spotted me with my hand up… well, let’s just say it’s not every day you get the chance to speak to the legend that is Leonard Nimoy – an experience that will stay with me forever! So thank Neil Green, once again!!

On a side note, this has to be the most surreal moment of the whole convention – Spock (@SpockVegas) asks Spock a question…

The “cherry on top” that signalled the end of the convention was the Q&A with the one and only, William Shatner. I’m ashamed to admit that prior to DST3 I always thought he was a bit pompous and little bit arrogant? I’m immensely pleased to admit that I was completely and utterly wrong! He’s is in fact an extraordinarily likeable man. Intelligent, funny as you like (he started off his talk by making whale noises?!) and has the audience in the palm of his hand from the get-go. Pleasantly surprised – a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Seriously, the day couldn’t have been rounded off any better. We just about managed to catch the tail-end of Larry Nemecek’s “Mr Star Trek” panel (possibly my only regret of the weekend was not catching this in full!), before saying our goodbye’s and collecting our goody bags (our reward for being painted green and parading around in not much more than our underwear the day before – thank you Jonanthan!!!). Tired, hungry, overwhelmed, but fully satiated by what we had experienced at DST3, we headed home. I would say The Original TiT’s first away mission had been a resounding success!

Tomorrow… What I’m taking away from my first Star Trek convention.

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