Monday, 2 June 2014

DST3 Guest Announcements and Ticket Sales!

Holy Rings of Betazed!! They have done it again. DST3 has pulled off an amazing lineup for this Octobers convention...

Full Line up check out 

Where to even start. Ok, for us, we like the massive TNG presence all bar Mon Capitaine and Wheaton. We will have you Will day! These guys know how to bring fun to a convention, if you weren't able to get to DSTG/Frankfurt, then you are in for a treat. If you did see them, you know you want to see them again!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Healing Power of Trek

Every now and then a YouTube video flies around our Trek circles that stops and makes us think. We have lived fortunate lives yet we can still empathise with the healing power and strength that can be drawn from Star Trek.

Friday, 2 May 2014

DST3 - Back to London Baby!

The big DST is heading home to London for it's third event! *Data Fist Pump*

There were a few slips along the way which added to the excitement and build up of the announcement. Tim Russ apparently mentioned in a tweet that he would be in London 3 - 5th October and took it down at warp speed. (We can imagine Janeway giving him the glare of doom for doing that). 

Friday, 11 April 2014

DST3 - Making It So

It happened!! Little over a month since Destination Star Trek Germany closes, the convention gods have speaketh and (sort of) announced a third Destination Star Trek. 

As Major Kira likes to remind us, sometimes they don't speak to us direct and we have to make our own interpretations.

Well what can we tell from this message?
First thing that is certain, it's this year. This is a much quicker turn around than the loooong gap between DSTL and DSTG. Remember, no one was even sure if DSTL was a one hit wonder?

Now we're looking at two conventions in one year! 

We have scoured their website for clues. None yet except for a really awesome video of DSTG (we're in it for about 1.5 seconds - for a Trekkie Girls, that's almost an eternity!)

Hopefully, if it's this year, it won't be too long until more details are announced so we can save up our latinum. There's also location. First one in London, second one in Germany - will it be another European location? Will they switch between the two? Or somewhere else completely? TELL US!!!!!

But it looks like Destination Star Trek is here to stay. And this is how we feel about that...
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